Insulation covers with flexible closure

Our insulation covers are removable, allowing any element - no matter what irregular shape or size - to be perfectly insulated.

Working with a closure in velcro, webbing or stainless buckles, they offer 100% insulation. Each cover can be labeled on customer request so that after disassembly and inspection, it can be easily reassembled by the in-house maintenance team.

Insulation covers can be used in a wide variety of sectors. From the (petro)chemical industry to the food industry, from the energy sector to the process industry and from the pharmaceutical industry to the waste processing sector.

The covers and their components are EU and Ghost R (USSR) certified.

The many advantages of insulation covers.
  1. Very efficient
  2. No thermal bridges
  3. Flexible, light and dimensionally stable
  4. Perfectly matches the shape of the element to be insulated
  5. Very easy assembly and disassembly using velcro, webbing or stainless steel hooks
  6. Improves working conditions
  7. Non-flammable material
  8. Low maintenance cost
  9. Fast payback period
  10. Sustainable
Customization (3D)

For measuring and installation, our specialized team has all the necessary training for the industry (VCA, aerial work platform, etc.). In consultation with the customer, we come on site, make an offer and, after ordering, take care of the production and installation. These covers are easy to (dis)assemble by using velcro and/or stitched buckles and straps.

Standards (3D)

Here we provide cost savings by often eliminating the need for repositioning. For standard valves and flanges, no on-site measurement is required and we can start production based on the technical data from the supplier of these devices. Photos from the 3 dimensional axes with dimensions attached are a useful tool to quickly and accurately start production.

Non-preformed insulation covers

Non-preformed insulation covers without thickness tape (with brackets) (2D) are the cheapest, but unfortunately the least easy to (de)assemble solution. Non-preformed insulation covers are flat covers that are folded around the perimeter of the device to be insulated. Usually these are also provided with stainless steel hooks to mount the sheath with stainless steel tie wire around the device to be insulated.

Inspection plugs

An additional durable solution is the installation of plugs. For the (corrosion) inspection (CUI) of piping, vessels, tanks and equipment, it is often more convenient to install an inspection plug, instead of completely removing parts of the insulation.

The plugs are made of silicone rubber making them resistant to high temperatures, mechanical damage, weathering and UV. The plug fits perfectly into the curve of an aluminum collar, keeping the system 100 percent watertight after inspection. Remove Insul supplies and installs these inspection plugs.

In a nutshell:

  1. Efficient inspection without damaging the insulation material.
  2. Easy assembly and disassembly
  3. Cost-saving

The technical data

  • Available in 2.5" and 5" sizes.
  • Made of silicone and rubber
  • Temperature range from -60° to +260°
  • Aluminum 5052 collar
  • O-ring made of silicone
  • Stainless chain to prevent loss of the plug
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